SHINE 2012 – LSE Malaysia-Singapore Talent Night 2012

THE LSESU Singapore Society, in collaboration with the LSESU Malaysia Club, is proud to present SHINE: LSE Malaysia-Singapore Talent Night 2012! Held at the LSE Old Theatre on the 4th of March 2012, the annual talent competition promises to be a night of fun and entertainment as you watch your friends sing, dance and entertain their way to the top prize of GBP 150! Tickets will be going at GBP 5 a piece, and all proceeds from the event will also be donated to charity, namely the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and Voice of the Children foundation.

All Singaporean and Malaysian students from all UK universities are eligible to take part in this competition. The top three acts (chosen by our expert panel of judges) stand to win GBP 150, GBP 100 and GBP 50 respectively, with an additional award of GBP50 for the ‘Audience Choice’ .

More Importantly, competition signups are now OPEN
! That’s right, YOU can take part in this epic contest! So if you have a melodious singing voice, dazzling dance moves or simply have an aptitude for entertainment, step up and sign up! You might finish the night a little richer than you were before!

For more details, check us out at www . tinyurl . com/msnight2012
In terested performers can also sign up at www . tinyurl . com/msnight2012re gistration
Any questions and clarifications can be directed to Benjamin (

SHINE 2012
. See you there!


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