Solemates – Imperial College Singapore Society Major Event

Imperial College Singapore Society proudly presents Major Event 2012 – Solemates.
The Imperial College Singapore Society cordially invites you to “Solemates”, our Major Event musical production 2012! We would like to invite all Singaporeans to join us for a night of laugh-out-loud drama, catchy fairytale-themed music and moments guaranteed to make you reach for that packet of tissue. What’s more, we’ll be providing a free bottle of Tiger Beer and a packet of kacang puteh to complete your evening experience!Solemates is a story about a boy named Umber. Orphaned at a young age, he was taken in by the Ella family. At first, things were bright: he had three square meals a day, a roof over his head and a place to call home. But as Umber grows up, the Ella family starts to make use of him. He washes the dishes, does the laundry and even helps the twins with their homework. Bullied and mistreated, Umber longs for a better life.

One day as the Ella family is going grocery shopping, Umber learns about the Queen’s Ball. Men from all the land are flocking to win Princess Cindy’s heart and Umber sees this as his chance. He waits eagerly for the day to come.

On the morning of the Queen’s Ball, his twin stepbrothers, Mozza and Salmon, inform Umber that Pa has grounded him. Distraught, Umber wallows in despair as his is stuck in his room in the basement.

Will he ever get to meet Princess Cindy? Will they ever live happily ever after? Only one way to find out.

Details for this event are:

Date               : Saturday, 18th February 2012
Time              : 1900 – 2130
Venue           : The Great Hall, Sherfield Building
Imperial College London, Exhibition Road
London SW7 2AZ
Tickets          : £10 (inclusive of refreshments)

Visit our website here at http ://j . mp/solemates-icss where you can purchase tickets with the link to the Google form on the page (alternatively click here http ://goo . gl/ZX62y!

Also, do keep up to date with the latest happenings on our Facebook page here https://www . facebook . com/events/ 258337900904200/. And while you’re surfing for Youtube videos, do check out our trailer at http ://youtu . be/Tc7ivT6sXCw!


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