Easter Hippity Hoppity!

The three things that come to your mind when it comes to Easter are chocolate, bunnies and hidden eggs. But hey, this easter we have our very own take on it, and we present you Easter Hippity Hoppity 2014!

Craving for carvery?

24 of us made our way down to Toby’s located at the heart of Ecclesall road. Albeit far, we are pretty sure the food + company (and of course, not leaving out the chocolate eggs) definitely made up for the distance. Hold up, wait for the best part! Members only paid £1.95 for a filling meal with their choice of Honey & Mustard glazed gammon,  Succulent British Turkey, British & Irish Beef lightly glazed with Tewkesbury mustard or Apple and honey & cider glazed pork with crackling (they even got to try all four types of meat if they would like to!) The best part? It was vegetable ‘buffet-style’! (:

What better way to show how much they enjoyed themselves by letting the pictures do the talking-



IMG_9802 IMG_9792


Happy with the yummies that filled our tummies ((:

photo 2 photo 1Everyone who came walked out with a little chocolate in their pockets, but some brought back more than a little. We gave out four big chocolates to Amanda, Jean, Anita and Jethro! And the winner of the mega enormous (no kid) chocolate is no other than Kin Onn! *chocolates are given out to the blessed 5 because they bribed us to do so. Haha, no way. I would say they just know how to pick their seats (:

IMG_9842 IMG_9843 IMG_9845 IMG_9844 IMG_9847We hope that all who came down to join us on our Easter Hippity Hoppity had a jolly good time, and had your tummies filled to the brim! Once again, thank you for making this event such an awesome one! (:


IMG_9785And, Happy Easter guys! Hope you had a great one!


SgSoc xx


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