Warwick Summer Games

Summer is definitely not summer without the Warwick Summer Games! So now you know.

Many of us have signed up for the games and we represented Sheffield for Touch Rugby and Soccer or how we should call it, football.

As usual, on this sunny little island we call home, it was indeed scorching hot that day and many of us went home with a tan or a burnt. But I say, it was all worth it. The men’s team were top 8 for football and the Touch Rugby came in top 4! It was definitely a great achievement knowing what we were against (definitely some fierce competition there) as well as the little time we had to practice.

Are we ready? Let the pictures begin!

IMG_9381IMG_9385IMG_9395IMG_9432IMG_9592 IMG_9445IMG_9461IMG_9455IMG_9452IMG_9454IMG_9448IMG_9573IMG_9563IMG_9602IMG_9598IMG_9402IMG_9401IMG_9533IMG_9505IMG_9645IMG_9502IMG_9530IMG_9521IMG_9660Thank you everyone who came down! We definitely appreciate your presence! I mean, what would we do without you guys? (:

*Head on down to our FB page to view the rest of the pictures!


SgSoc xx



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