Annual Mid-Autumn Dinner

Our annual Mid-Autumn dinner is back this year! Just like past traditions, we held it at one of our partner resturant, Wong Ting. However, this year is different! Not only do we have a super wide filled dinner prepared for you guys (11 course by the way), we managed to include some games for everyone present, as well games specially catered for the juniors.

The games included some general knowledge on Mid-Autumn festival as well as those where the freshers had to go around looking for particular seniors and find out more about them. It was indeed fun both freshers and members! The winners walked away with Primark gift cards. What not to like about Primark right?

With that, we present you some of the dishes for the night!

IMG_8190 IMG_8175 IMG_8174 IMG_8193 IMG_8192 IMG_8195


It was definitely the time for all of us to take a break from school, as well as get our fix for Chinese food. Well, food and happy tummies aside, we were definitely happy for the time given to catch up with the rest of the members, as well as take the opportunity to meet the seniors/freshers/new members. I say, it was definitely one of the best bonding time! Happy faces (:

IMG_8111 IMG_8112 IMG_8119 IMG_8122 IMG_8123 IMG_8134 IMG_8136 IMG_8141 IMG_8151 IMG_8173 IMG_8197 IMG_8204 IMG_8207 IMG_8209 IMG_8223 IMG_8229




Thank you to the 119 who came and made this event such a memorable one!


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