Freshers walkabout + party

On the 29th of September, we conducted a freshers walkabout to bring the freshers around the City Centre for them to familiarise themselves in the new environment. All of us met up at the IC, where we then took a slow walk through the City centre and right up to the Moor, where we settled  our dinner at Zing Vaa. Oh yes, Chinese food!


After dinner, we all went home to prepare for pre-drinks at Teresa’s place. After which, we made our way to Plug. This, being our very first joint event with the other Asian societies in the University of Sheffield namely the Malaysian and Singaporean Society, Chinese Society, Hong Kong Society, Korean Society, Indian Society and Taiwanese Society as well as Sheffield Hallam Oriental Society from Sheffield Hallam University.

We are sure everyone who turned up had lots of fun. It was definitely a great excuse to let your hair down and to really enjoy university life before work starts pilling in.

10533453_327980140708259_6998579310605688161_n 10649638_327979007375039_789591851285461078_n 10349216_327980137374926_8431710448602574470_n 10653647_327978527375087_4058383241166481595_n 1016856_327978364041770_3560537263381026382_n 10665215_327977730708500_3842777370454421508_n 10177498_327976230708650_5480874622956872031_n 1453392_327975157375424_3852873848770163848_n 10712871_327976734041933_3407701889858724754_n 10671451_327978474041759_6556591627809531221_n

We hope you guys had as much as we did! Indeed, we witness many with some hidden dance talents! (:


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