Children’s University – Volunteering

On 28th October,

8 of us came forward to represent the Singapore Society to provide some cultural insights of Singapore for the little ones here in Sheffield!

A quick background on Sheffield Children’s University is that it is part of a national initiative that encourages and
celebrates participation in a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities outside school hours.

We were allocated a booth in the Winter gardens where we prepared some exciting activities for the children to take part in. The activities include:

  • Racing with Chopsticks

This gave the kids the opportunity to use chopsticks to pick up our childhood sweets (while, mine at least) the White Rabbit and if they could do so, they could keep them. Surprising, many of them were good at using the chopsticks despite having no prior use of it! Thumbs up for them!

  • Chinese Lantern Making

Remember those days back in nursery or even primary school, where we were forced taught to make Lanterns during Mid-Autumn festival during art classes, well, we gave the same experience to the little ones and they sure did enjoyed themselves to the fullest. I would say it’s one of the more popular activities amongst them as many waited patiently for their turn to try their hands on it.

  • Chinese paper cutting

Little square boxes were drawn on red papers, and all they had to do was cut the boxes out, and viola! They had a pretty cutting of ‘Happiness’. Tell me about it, happiness do come in the simplest form don’t they?

  • Coloring the Singapore flag

Singapore being a very small city state, we are not really known especially to the young ones. This allowed many to know that Singapore is somewhere in the world map as well as know how our flag looks like. What better ways right?

Did I mention food already? We prepared some yummy MILO DINOSAUR and KAYA TOAST for them to try. We are proud to showcase our traditional breakfast and many enjoyed and loved it so much that they had more than 1 serving!

Interested to join us in our next volunteering event, do join our Facebook volunteering page where we will update on any volunteering opportunity for you guys! Let’s give back to the society together! (:

1274431_10152586711709888_2830547288980961058_oWe did not manage to take a group shot for the people who volunteered in the second shift, but from the bottom of our hearts, thank you guys for joining us! (:


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