CNY Dinner 2015!

Besides our AGM which will take place this Friday, 6th March, the CNY dinner was the very last event organised by the current committee.

Going with the theme of CNY, we had hotpot to fill our tummies. Not forgetting, the Yu Sheng which we were extremely sure everyone will definitely miss it. Therefore, we had the restaurant serve Yu Sheng for every table. P.s, it was a generous amount of Salmon! (:


IMG_9465 IMG_9467 IMG_9470 IMG_9471 IMG_9472 IMG_9475

In any case anyone felt bored during the dinner, we prepared a bingo game as well as a lucky draw!

Here’s presenting our Bingo and lucky Draw winners!

IMG_9483 IMG_9486  IMG_9490 IMG_9499

The usual protocol-

IMG_9500 IMG_9502

A big thank you to the 70 who came and made this event such a success! We hope you guys enjoyed as much as you did and thank you for supporting us the past year! (:



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