International Cultural Evening ’16


Hear ye hear ye!

Singapore Society is working with MASSOC to take part in Students Committee’s International Cultural Evening on 4th March this year at Sheffield City Hall!

Together, we aim to showcase our multicultural society as well as the bond between Malaysia and Singapore by performing four different dances!

1) Malay Zapin dance 2) Chinese fan dance 3) Indian Bollywood dance 4) Dikir Barat (

We’re looking for YOU to join us in performing as we’ll need dancers interested in the different dances listed above!

No previous experience as a dancer is needed so just come and have fun but do expect to set aside a few days in each week to practise!

If you’re interested in dancing or helping out, please fill in this form or message me on Facebook!

Not interested in performing? Come on down to support your friends! Tickets available here! Event FB link:




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