YO FRIENDS! We present to you our first event of the new term, our Welcome Dinner!! This year is slightly different as we held it at a new location, Hui Wei restaurant!

Not only do we have a super wide filled dinner prepared for you guys (9 course by the way), we managed to include some games for everyone. We want everyone to bond with the people at the same table which is why we had a special dedicated seat for you! 🙂

The games included some general knowledge of Singapore & Sheffield and ending off with a PPAP challenge which was definitely one of the highlights for the night!

It was indeed fun for both freshers and members!

Thank you for coming down to this event as everyone (mainly for the freshers) has started settling down and get busy with Uni life, such event makes a great opportunity for everyone to mingle with all the Singaporeans once again! (when there is food, there will be Singaporeans :p)

Great poses you’ve got there my friends :p

It was definitely the time for all of us to take a break from school, as well as getting our Chinese food fixed. Well, food and happy tummies aside, we were definitely happy for the time given to catch up with the rest of the members, as well as take the opportunity to meet the seniors/freshers/new members. I say, it was definitely one of the best bonding time! Happy faces (:




Thank you to the 95 people who came and made this event such a memorable one!


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