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International Cultural Evening ’16


Hear ye hear ye!

Singapore Society is working with MASSOC to take part in Students Committee’s International Cultural Evening on 4th March this year at Sheffield City Hall!

Together, we aim to showcase our multicultural society as well as the bond between Malaysia and Singapore by performing four different dances!

1) Malay Zapin dance 2) Chinese fan dance 3) Indian Bollywood dance 4) Dikir Barat (

We’re looking for YOU to join us in performing as we’ll need dancers interested in the different dances listed above!

No previous experience as a dancer is needed so just come and have fun but do expect to set aside a few days in each week to practise!

If you’re interested in dancing or helping out, please fill in this form or message me on Facebook!

Not interested in performing? Come on down to support your friends! Tickets available here! Event FB link:




CNY Dinner 2016


Happy Lunar New Year!

Being miles away from home (again) this year, we had a hearty reunion dinner with the Sheffield family at China Red.

Joined by two of our new friends on exchange from back home, we indulged in yusheng and of course, hotpot!

Everyone played a Chinese idiom game where they had to find the person who had the other half of their idiom as well as the person with the literal translation of it.

The game had everyone trying to decipher their idiom/literal translation before running around trying to find their partners.

In the end, the “losers” had to perform an impromptu lion dance in front of everyone!

Congrats to the lucky draw winners!

Thanks to everyone for making our first event of the year a successful one! 🙂

Notts Winter Games ’15

The struggle was real.

Meeting at 6:30am, that is.

The weather was cold and terribly rainy for most of the day (what’s new?) but we made it through!

This year, we sent in teams/players for football, captains ball, frisbee, badminton (singles & doubles) and for the first time, a netball team!

Winning wasn’t our priority but more importantly, having fun with our fellow Singapore Society members and Singaporean friends from other unis!

After all, as Mary Lou Retton once said, “A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” But I guess we get to keep both then 😉

For more photos of our teams/players in action, click here!

Guy Fox

This year, we decided to do a little something for Guy Fawkes Day! Despite having to postpone the event once, we finally had it a week later at a ~secret location~.

It must have been the /warmest/ night of the autumnal season but there were more people joining us than I expected!


So glad the skies decided to hold up until we finished setting off all the fireworks! Thanks for joining us and we hope you had fun 🙂 More pictures here!

Cycling at the Peaks!


Last Saturday, we headed out of Sheffield to the nearby Peak District for some riding fun with our members and their friends from other UK universities!

Despite the heavy rain, we cycled along the Upper Derwent Valley and even did a bit of hiking before stopping for a picnic lunch.


Amidst the beautiful scenery, we couldn’t help but stop for numerous photo shots along the way! More photos are on our Facebook page so go ahead and check that out.

Patriotism at its best 😉

Thanks for cycling and getting muddy with us! We couldn’t have had a successful event without you.

With love,

Sheffield Singapore Society 🙂

No Paint, No Gain!

Kicking start our 2014/15 journey with our very first event, No Paint No Gain! On 25th March, 14 of our members joined in this very exciting shoot out at Asylum Paintball. 

Getting all excited!


The 14 were then divided into 2 teams- lets call it Team Red and Team Blue for now. Both teams challenged each other in 4 game zones- Jail Break, Mutation, Ammo Box and Total Domination. Sounds confusing? But the teams definitely worked together to overcome their opponents and were thrilled and excited with the paintballs whizzing everywhere.



Spending over 3 hours with 200 paintballs each, it was definitely a hoopla and the 14 left with more fun and joy than bruises and aches.

We hope that everyone who joined us had a whopping great time! Thank you for making the 14/15 committee’s first event a great success!


SgSoc xx