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Say hello to the glorious sunshine because spring is finally upon us! ☼

Post-Easter break may mean hitting the books for most of us but it’s a shame to stay indoors when you’ve got such a rare opportunity to bask in the warmth.

So, what better way to spend the day out than with an outdoor cooking session?


In case you missed out, here are some snap shots of the day’s shenanigans:

















All smiles and laughter, the event proved to be a success as we were blessed with nothing but sunshine — save for the slight shower in the beginning (that some tried to ‘rain dance’ away).

This was certainly a great opportunity for fellow society members to get to know one another and bond through the love of barbecued grub and field games!

Till the next one. ☺


Committee Elections 2017

As the annual AGM approaches, applications and nominations for the 2017/18 Singapore Society committee are now OPEN until 23:59 on 1st March 2017.

We asked the current 2016/17 committee a couple of questions so you can get an inkling of what to expect as a future committee member committee-roles-201617.

The positions available are:
Events Officer (Sports)
Events Officer (Social)
Publicity Officer
Applying for more than one position is allowed but you must have a different manifesto for each position you’re running for.
You can also nominate members who you think would be good for any of the positions stated above. Please state, in your nomination, the reason why you chose that member.

The application form can be downloaded from our Facebook page.

All applications and nominations MUST be emailed to by 23:59 on 1st March 2017 (WED).

For more information or if you have any specific questions to ask any committee member, feel free to email us at!


YO FRIENDS! We present to you our first event of the new term, our Welcome Dinner!! This year is slightly different as we held it at a new location, Hui Wei restaurant!

Not only do we have a super wide filled dinner prepared for you guys (9 course by the way), we managed to include some games for everyone. We want everyone to bond with the people at the same table which is why we had a special dedicated seat for you! 🙂

The games included some general knowledge of Singapore & Sheffield and ending off with a PPAP challenge which was definitely one of the highlights for the night!

It was indeed fun for both freshers and members!

Thank you for coming down to this event as everyone (mainly for the freshers) has started settling down and get busy with Uni life, such event makes a great opportunity for everyone to mingle with all the Singaporeans once again! (when there is food, there will be Singaporeans :p)

Great poses you’ve got there my friends :p

It was definitely the time for all of us to take a break from school, as well as getting our Chinese food fixed. Well, food and happy tummies aside, we were definitely happy for the time given to catch up with the rest of the members, as well as take the opportunity to meet the seniors/freshers/new members. I say, it was definitely one of the best bonding time! Happy faces (:




Thank you to the 95 people who came and made this event such a memorable one!

Nottingham Winter Games 2015

*UPDATE*: We’re sponsoring the registration fee for ALL games! Play for FREE! 

The annual Nottingham Winter Games 2015 (NWG) is coming soon on 14 November!

NWG is an event that welcomes Singaporean students from universities all over the UK to gather for a day of fun, laughter and friendly competition!

Other than participating in sports for NWG, you could meet up with your friends from other UK universities as well or join in a tour of Nottingham!

For details regarding the different games being played (i.e. team size and registration fees etc), download the info pack here

We’ll be chartering return bus transport for £4 (per person) on the day itself so fret not about getting there. You could also choose to stay overnight in Nottingham (at own cost) but do let us know so we don’t include you for transport. 

Payment details for transport is as follows: 

Who to pay: Marshawn Gee

Sort code: 77-74-01

Account number: 10750263

(Members who opted for packed lunch, please transfer £9 instead. If you’re going for just the tour, do NOT order a packed lunch as the tour is a full day event)

Please wear your new Singsoc shirt to the Games!! Also, dress warmly and bring a change of clothes if you’re participating in the games.

Sign up for NWG15 hereDeadline for the form is 15:00 on 31st October 2015.

Updated with Pictures: Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew – A Memorial Service

Photo credits to PAP's Facebook page (
Photo credits to PAP’s Facebook page (

“I have no regrets. I have spent my life, so much of it, building up this country. There’s nothing more that I need to do. At the end of the day, what have I got? A successful Singapore. What have I given up? My life.”  – Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Hard Truths

We would like to invite you to a Memorial Service to honour Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his innumerable contributions to shaping Singapore to what she is today. During the Service, tributes and a minute of silence will be observed for the late former Premier. A condolence book will be available for you to pen your messages. The Memorial Service will be held on 14 April 2015 at 6:30pm. The Service will be held at Lecture Theatre 7, Hicks Building and formal attire (black and white) is mandatory. Being thousands of miles away from the island we are proud to call home, it was especially saddening to hear of Mr Lee’s passing. The Committee at Sheffield Singapore Society would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to the Lee Family.


IMG_0088 IMG_0125 IMG_0138 IMG_0193

The Service started off with our Society’s President and Vice-President, Alexander and Sharmaine’s tribute to Mr Lee before a couple of our members took to the microphone to express their thoughts.

A minute of silence was then observed before the pledge was recited. After the service, a condolence book was at the front of the LT for Singsoc members to pen their condolences and well wishes to the Lee Family.

The condolence book will be handed over to the Singapore Embassy in London to be given to Mr Lee’s family.

CNY Dinner 2015!

Besides our AGM which will take place this Friday, 6th March, the CNY dinner was the very last event organised by the current committee.

Going with the theme of CNY, we had hotpot to fill our tummies. Not forgetting, the Yu Sheng which we were extremely sure everyone will definitely miss it. Therefore, we had the restaurant serve Yu Sheng for every table. P.s, it was a generous amount of Salmon! (:


IMG_9465 IMG_9467 IMG_9470 IMG_9471 IMG_9472 IMG_9475

In any case anyone felt bored during the dinner, we prepared a bingo game as well as a lucky draw!

Here’s presenting our Bingo and lucky Draw winners!

IMG_9483 IMG_9486  IMG_9490 IMG_9499

The usual protocol-

IMG_9500 IMG_9502

A big thank you to the 70 who came and made this event such a success! We hope you guys enjoyed as much as you did and thank you for supporting us the past year! (:


Christmas Dinner 2014

This year’s Christmas Dinner is back and we held it way before Christmas so that those who are going back during the break will be able to join us too! (YAY!)

For this festive season, we fed our tummies full at Crosspool Tavern where we had the choice of turkey, gammon, beef or chicken (some even tried all types!). We had lots of sides to choose from as well, ranging from chips, baked beans, mushy peas, cheesy cauliflower, stuffings, mash potatoes and more! Did I mention, they were free flow as well! What’s a good meal without desserts? We finished it off with our choice of desserts where we could choose from bottomless ice-cream, raspberry trifle sundae, apple and blackberry pie or banana split. Someone bring me back, I’m drooling already!

This year’s Christmas dinner was a little different. Since it was the season of joy and giving, we decided to include a mini gift exchange! For those who participated in the gift exchange, we had to get a gift with a minimum value of £3 and I’m pretty sure some walked away loving their exchanged gifts, while some got really cool and quirky stuff!

We played some lovely festive games as well and the winners walked away with additional gifts from us (:

IMG_8214 IMG_8215 IMG_8220 IMG_8221 IMG_8222 IMG_8225 IMG_8226 IMG_8235 IMG_8245 IMG_8272 IMG_8284 IMG_8290 IMG_8291 IMG_8292  IMG_8300 IMG_8301     IMG_8302 IMG_8370 IMG_8373 IMG_8376

Thank you to those who came down. You guys are the best, making every event such a memorable and lovely one, as always! (: IMG_8367

Nottingham Winter Games 2014

The Nottingham Winter Games are back, and this time round, we bring forth a bigger group to the Face off. I’m kidding, but we did have a overwhelming response of sign-ups and interest in representing Sheffield in the different games.

It was definitely a challenge for those who are not the usual morning peeps as we had to be up and outside Bar 1 at 7am sharp, where we specially chartered the coach for our members to have a pleasant ride there (: We have members representing us in football, captain’s ball, frisbee, monopoly deal, bridge and mahjong! As usual, we leave the talking to the pictures! Enjoy!


DSC_4654DSC_4653IMG_0285DSC_4621 DSC_4673DSC_4695DSC_4676   IMG_0252 IMG_0253 IMG_0255 IMG_0258 IMG_0259 IMG_0264  IMG_0286   IMG_0412 IMG_0419 IMG_0421 IMG_0431 IMG_0433 IMG_0506

We hope you guys had a really fun time! (:

Children’s University – Volunteering

On 28th October,

8 of us came forward to represent the Singapore Society to provide some cultural insights of Singapore for the little ones here in Sheffield!

A quick background on Sheffield Children’s University is that it is part of a national initiative that encourages and
celebrates participation in a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities outside school hours.

We were allocated a booth in the Winter gardens where we prepared some exciting activities for the children to take part in. The activities include:

  • Racing with Chopsticks

This gave the kids the opportunity to use chopsticks to pick up our childhood sweets (while, mine at least) the White Rabbit and if they could do so, they could keep them. Surprising, many of them were good at using the chopsticks despite having no prior use of it! Thumbs up for them!

  • Chinese Lantern Making

Remember those days back in nursery or even primary school, where we were forced taught to make Lanterns during Mid-Autumn festival during art classes, well, we gave the same experience to the little ones and they sure did enjoyed themselves to the fullest. I would say it’s one of the more popular activities amongst them as many waited patiently for their turn to try their hands on it.

  • Chinese paper cutting

Little square boxes were drawn on red papers, and all they had to do was cut the boxes out, and viola! They had a pretty cutting of ‘Happiness’. Tell me about it, happiness do come in the simplest form don’t they?

  • Coloring the Singapore flag

Singapore being a very small city state, we are not really known especially to the young ones. This allowed many to know that Singapore is somewhere in the world map as well as know how our flag looks like. What better ways right?

Did I mention food already? We prepared some yummy MILO DINOSAUR and KAYA TOAST for them to try. We are proud to showcase our traditional breakfast and many enjoyed and loved it so much that they had more than 1 serving!

Interested to join us in our next volunteering event, do join our Facebook volunteering page where we will update on any volunteering opportunity for you guys! Let’s give back to the society together! (:

1274431_10152586711709888_2830547288980961058_oWe did not manage to take a group shot for the people who volunteered in the second shift, but from the bottom of our hearts, thank you guys for joining us! (:

Annual Mid-Autumn Dinner

Our annual Mid-Autumn dinner is back this year! Just like past traditions, we held it at one of our partner resturant, Wong Ting. However, this year is different! Not only do we have a super wide filled dinner prepared for you guys (11 course by the way), we managed to include some games for everyone present, as well games specially catered for the juniors.

The games included some general knowledge on Mid-Autumn festival as well as those where the freshers had to go around looking for particular seniors and find out more about them. It was indeed fun both freshers and members! The winners walked away with Primark gift cards. What not to like about Primark right?

With that, we present you some of the dishes for the night!

IMG_8190 IMG_8175 IMG_8174 IMG_8193 IMG_8192 IMG_8195


It was definitely the time for all of us to take a break from school, as well as get our fix for Chinese food. Well, food and happy tummies aside, we were definitely happy for the time given to catch up with the rest of the members, as well as take the opportunity to meet the seniors/freshers/new members. I say, it was definitely one of the best bonding time! Happy faces (:

IMG_8111 IMG_8112 IMG_8119 IMG_8122 IMG_8123 IMG_8134 IMG_8136 IMG_8141 IMG_8151 IMG_8173 IMG_8197 IMG_8204 IMG_8207 IMG_8209 IMG_8223 IMG_8229




Thank you to the 119 who came and made this event such a memorable one!